Rights to free movement, protection, and dignity are fundamental entitlements we should all be able to enjoy as human beings. However, our common humanity is challenged by how we treat refugees and other displaced people, as we increasingly find these populations falling through gaps, disenfranchised from rights, and silenced in wider discourses around protection.

According to UN estimates, nearly 84 million people were forcibly displaced around the world by 2020 – including 45.7 million internally displaced persons, 4.2 million stateless people, and the 26 million recognised under the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees, who face persecution in its various and evolving forms. Not only are these numbers too great to ignore, they are also likely to rise exponentially, as the consequences of xenophobia, nationalism, resource competition, and climate change exacerbate the drivers of forced migration.

At B360, we believe that systems of violence can only exist when critical voices are silenced. As displaced and disenfranchised people most often suffer the effects of these systems, we want to reframe conversations around power and voice, borders, and the values that underpin our societies in order to develop newer, more creative relationships and platforms that directly serve our communities’ diverse needs, challenges, and aspirations. As an independent, collaboratively focussed initiative, B360 seeks to encourage new, community-based approaches to problem-solving: We aim to catalyse like-minded friends and partners from a broad range of networks and pursuits to see how they can bring their unique expertise to the problems faced by refugees – in innovative, sustainable, holistic, and collaborative ways.

We believe it is necessary that refugee stories center refugees’ leadership in responding to the challenges faced, and work towards the building of platforms and avenues that actively support this. We feel no act is too small to count. While big-picture policies come from governments and other hierarchies of power, we ask how individuals, groups, and businesses can best play their part in this long road to change. The challenge is complex, and the answers are varied. B360 is continually exploring and learning as it grows – and we invite you to join us in doing the same!

As a social enterprise, B360 commits to reinvest not less than 50% of our net profits into our social mission. B360 is also looking for partners who are open to supporting projects that build on opportunities of globalisation, mobility and markets in a way that directly benefits refugee communities.